Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Buried Under A Pile of Snow

I took Daughter #1 home this afternoon...just as we hit Broadway (and the remnants of a big accident), a wave of rain and snow hit. By the time we unloaded, the three of us, including dog Jack, were soaked.

Getting back on the freeway was an exercise in scariness; I could barely see a thing until *BANG* the rain stopped, as if a knife had cut it short around Evans. By the time I hit Castle Rock, the skies were clear -- directly over town. A big bank of dark gray clouds surrounded, like a pack of dogs waiting to attack.

I raced around and did the necessary errands, then tore home and got the sheets off the line. By the time a client arrived for some appraisals, barely half an hour had passed -- and it was blizzarding like crazy. It hasn't stopped since. We've had the lights flicker several times, but so far, the power's still on.

Will we keep having power? Will school still happen tomorrow?  (Whoop -- Husband just saw they're cancelled!) Stay tuned. In the meantime, you can see a bit of what Castle Rock -- and a big chunk of central Colorado -- is enduring, by checking out this live camGarden of the Gods, further south, looks even nastier.  And this messiness is occurring only a mile or two from our house outside Castle Rock.

The weirdest part? We've gone from the 60s to 20s in only a few hours...the clouds had a nasty resemblance to tornado clouds (with the exception of that creepy green tinge), and Husband swears he heard the wind making a low, grumbling noise. (Tornados make a chugging sound not dissimilar to the 'grumbling' of a freight train.) Didn't notice any funnel clouds...but all the same, creepy.

Stay warm and snuggly tonight.

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