Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Ditherings

Ever get to concentrating on your work...look up...and realize it's after 3 a.m.? And you have no idea where the time went?

*Ahem.*  Don't ask how I know.

As usual, there are nine hundred bazillion things to do and pack up before leaving tonight for the Colorado Quilt Council gig. Thankfully, we don't have far to go; the hotel is about 45 min. drive away. Husband is looking forward to vegging out and watching basketball while I'm working...speaking of b-ball, did you see that AMAZING Kansas State/Xavier game last night? After two overtimes and a bunch of heart-stopping shots, either team could have won...and deserved it.

If you're interested in coming to the lecture, the topic is "Amazing Crazies," and the Colorado Quilt Council meeting is tomorrow at Silver Creek High School in Longmont. I'll be showing plenty of great quilts, as well as passing on research I found while writing my book called (what else) CRAZY QUILTS. Meeting starts around 9 a.m.; the talk is about 10. Go to the Colorado Quilt Council website for details and a map.

Just found a new blog I'm sure you'd like: Jenn of the Thrift Shop Romantic has not only a good eye for quality, but a deft hand at decorating. She's big into eclectic style, and has a soft spot for the quirky Victorian period, embroidery and unicorns -- just my speed. Her post on vintage Christmas postcards is especially good. (Yes, I know it's closer to Easter. Hush.) The current post (on needlepoint pictures she found -- lucky girl!) is interesting, too. Take a look.

The sky is clouding over -- our newest storm, though just a pup compared to Wednesday's brouhaha, is creeping in. The boys are curled into balls, and eyeing the suitcases and quilt boxes -- a sure sign they Know What's Up, and are contemplating sneaking into a suitcase, if only they could get away with it. (They forget they're more than 100 pounds each.) Back to work...quickly.

Have a great weekend.

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