Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Life is Better

Sorry for the silence of the past was a llloonnng week.

I have never had so many odd things happen during a gig. Ever. Strange things, like 2 (out of 5) boxes never arriving at the show. (One never did -- the other was sent here, instead of Virginia.) Too many classroom kits -- too few books. (Sigh.) Paperwork disappearing, just as I was getting ready to submit it. (Turns out a student accidentally packed it up with her stuff.) Having trouble walking or standing all week, no matter what I did.

And the reminder that I had been at this show when my dad died a year ago. Going through that anniversary made the heart sore. (The Mama was wonderfully brave, but it was rough.)

The plusses, thankfully, kept me going. A wonderful, funny roommate. (Thanks so much, Laura.) The lecture hall had a LOT of people who seemed to enjoy learning more all the secrets quilts could hide. And the classes were great fun, messy as all getout and very absorbing. My students were the best!

Finally got home from the Mid-Atlantic conference 1 a.m. Monday morning, after being in a plane for more than four hours. Exhausted. Husband, the big dear, gave me a footrub after I'd limped into the house. Turns out I had a row of blisters on both feet. No wonder I'd had so much trouble all week!

Then a day later, I spent the morning as an 'expert witness' in a trial, certifying that the replacement value I gave for a needlepoint rug was the accurate one. (The judge sided with yours truly. The defendant's lawyer didn't like that too much, and spent his time sneering creepily at me. Freaky.)

Now, after a few loads of laundry and a suitcase or so later, catching up on the Judge Judy and
Three Stooges episodes taped while I was gone. I've got some stitching to do, and books that were ordered during the quilt conference are getting shipped out.

Besides, it's a beautiful day. The bare feet are slowly healing, thanks to Husband's tender care. Clothes are blowing sweetly on the line. It's time to put in spinach in the raised bed I dug last fall, and start plants. (Here's an easy way to make newspaper pots for planting.)

Life goes on.

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