Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Musings

Did we just have a weekend?

I'm not sure.

SATURDAY:  The Mama and Cousin Joy came in at the crack of dawn Saturday morning...early on Amtrak, which is never early. (Guess I have to stop saying that.) By the time Husband brought them home, the hallways were free of dog hair, and the breakfast casserole bubbling in the oven. 

A few minutes of peace, then rushing to pack the car, stuff the relatives inside, then down to the Western Mining and History Museum. Talked about the new book, Quilts of the Golden West. Had tea, with goodies. Talked again. Things in a rush, with people talking, asking about the quilts, mentioning their own collections. A wonderful talk with Eleanore, who was demonstrating spinning and dyed wools. (She told me something I've got to double-check -- according to Eleanore, the vivid red wools in old-time Navajo rugs came from...unraveled British redcoat uniforms!)

The end of Lecture #2, busy with packing up, stuffing now-tired bodies in the car...a quick nap..then on to a fundraiser for friend Chris' school. An international foods buffet (Russian, Vietnamese, Irish, African, Mexican...), silent and live auctions. Home about 11 p.m.

SUNDAY:  (Don't forget the time change) Worship Team practice at 7:45 a.m. Two full services, rushing the Mama and cousin Joy home in between. Raining/snowing like crazy. Lunch at Red Robin. Husband stayed home for a long, sleepy nap while I took Mama and Cousin Joy to Boulder to see Daughter #2. (Cousin Joy sprang for a wonderful slice of lemoncello cake at the Cheesecake Factory, which I practically fell asleep on.) On the way home, a quick stop to see Daughter #1 at her waitressing job. Rain/snow still pouring down. Temperatures dropping -- the wet streets icing over. (Dead Man's Curve, part of I-25 just south of Littleton, especially 'iffy.') Home in early evening, after a stop at the grocery store. (Whew, trying not to show relief.) Popcorn, "Marley & Me," some biz stuff, looking longingly at bed -- but too tired to sleep. (Have you ever been this way?) Fell into bed like a dead woman, about 12:30 a.m.

Figuring that the rest of the week will be like this morning: start a job --stop to get something for someone --start again --answer a question -- start again -- make/get a phone call -- start again...

It should be interesting.

Speaking of that, I just backed into a previously-visited blog...Pioneer Woman. (Go here for her confessions, but she's also got some easy -- and great recipes; stuff on remodeling; and a long and loving look at her ranch life with Marlboro Man and four kids.) A bit zany, just like my life -- but comforting.

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