Friday, March 5, 2010

Old Movies...And Dean Stockwell

Husband came home for lunch this afternoon, as is his wont, and turned on TMC (Turner Movie Classics) while he was eating his carrot cake. The movie on was Kim, starring Dean Stockwell and a red-bearded Errol Flynn. An "Indian" boy, who really turns out to be the orphan of a British soldier named Kimball O'Hara, becomes the helper of a Muslim holy man. While on their travels, little Kim visits the same British regiment his father mentioned, and gets sent to school. On holiday, he goes on a secret mission for the Army, helped by his friend Mahbub Ali, a feisty horse trader who is also a secret agent for the British.

The movie was a real adventure -- lots of swashing, buckling, exotic costumes, horses and people falling off the Himalayas. And surprisingly good! It got me to thinking about Dean Stockwell. I know him best as Scott Bakula's boss in Quantum Leap, but Dean has been acting since he was a kid, from How Green is My Valley to Gentleman's Agreement (with Clark Gable). He's now 74 -- consider that! This man has been working for more than five decades, and is still going strong.

I hope I can keep going that long in my own work.

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