Saturday, March 20, 2010

Your Latest Spot for (Rude) News

Get set for not only the basic daily stuff, but some surprising takes (and back stories) on what's going on today. I try hard not to miss the daily posts on The Daily Beast. Today's news, for example, featured the latest on March Madness. (Kansas lost -- weird in itself -- but to Northern Iowa! One player asked in the locker room afterward, 'Did we really win??') Then it covered the health care debate...Lady Gaga's lawsuit...and some creepy 16-year-old (or 14-year-old) who got on a Walmart's public address system and asked "all blacks" to leave the store. (One wonders which clerk let him do it. I've been a checkout clerk -- you have to know how to operate them.)

Granted, there's a certain amount of lippyness going on at times...but The Daily Beast is generally a fair place; it treats conservatives, moderates and liberals with the same veiled sarcasm and amusement. Think a genteel Monty Python, the Fox Channel or your gossipy Aunt Martha on her weekly coffee visit with your mom. (And the little kid version of you safely eavesdropping under the tablecloth.) Refreshing.

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