Thursday, April 8, 2010

Collective Frugal Wisdom - 19 Ways

How often do you get the combined life lessons of 19 bloggers in one post? Especially when their central focus is often frugal living. Here's your chance -- look here.

One of the posters includes one of my favorites, Frugal Babe, and the subjects include 'when are you being just plain cheap, rather than frugal?' Well worth reading.

Another favorite, One Frugal Girl, is on a 'discard 50 items' kick. She sees it as an excellent way to jump-start a cleaner, less-cluttered life. I'm all for that! I didn't get rid of 50 things yesterday, but half a dozen boxes went out for the trash, a bunch of things got put away, and I vaccummed up weeks' worth of paper bits and sequins. Who knows what else will disappear from the Brick household?

The best of the batch today, though, is Get Rich Slowly's take on what they call "time-debt:" running out of time, due to mis-prioritizing or overscheduling. This post points out the importance of including relaxing and -- most importantly -- spending time with people you lose -- in your available hours. I confess that 'time-debt' has been one of my major struggles this week, to the point that I stopped answering the phone days ago....partly because we've been looking for car and homeowner's insurance quotes, and every insurance rep in the country suddenly decided we needed a phone call. Aarghghghgh. Can't they use e-mail?? I promise, though, that I will return every one of the calls that actually need returning. And I have gotten several things done that needed finishing. Hopefully the balance will come back soon.

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