Friday, April 30, 2010

Denver Quilt Festival -- Treasure There and Elsewhere!

...stop by this weekend! A lot of gorgeous quilts -- even though I helped judge them, I still enjoy just wandering around through the rows, studying them close-up, and catching a glimpse far away. They always look so different from each perspective.
   A large and varied vendor's mall is part of the experience, plus demos...classes, lectures and appraisals are available, too.
   The Denver Quilt Festival is inexpensive, and located at Denver's Merchandise Mart on 58th Ave. just through Sunday. Show & Tell is Sat. afternoon at 4:30 p.m. -- come on over!
   Went to coffee this morning at 6:15 a.m., but have been taking joy in doing 'housewifey' stuff today, like vacuuming and putting stuff away. The "Quilts from the Golden West" class went really well, with lots of freebies and personal attention for the students -- but boy, was I tired when I got home.

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News from the Ancient World -- via the Canadian Arctic: As some long-term ice patches melt, more than 200 different old tools have been found, ranging from bows to spearpoints -- some as old as 900 years! They've been discovered in areas caribou still enjoy hanging out in. Wow.

And finally, a medieval period gold/silver hoard -- more than 11 pounds of it, discovered last September in England by a metal detector searching a farmer's field. Take a closer look at it in this article, including a cross folded to make it easier to hide. (Yep, that's right -- folded in pieces, just like it was tinfoil.) Gorgeous.

The Nuggets are busy trying to lose -- then win -- the last game of the playoffs, and it's well into fourth quarter. Gotta go.

Later on: Well, shoot -- they lost, 104-112, to the Utah Jazz. At least they got further than most people thought they would -- and we get a taco special from Taco Bell! (3 for a buck, with purchase of a drink.)

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