Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Free Food at Boston Market -- and the Rockies Taco Bell Special is Back!

Buy one plate's worth, get a second absolutely free at Boston Market!

Use this coupon to do it. Offer's only good from April 15-18...yet another goodie connected with Tax Day, I guess.

Starbucks is also saying they'll fill your travel mug with coffee free on April 15. Good for them.You'll find other Tax Day food specials here. Enjoy.

And for the half of Coloradoans in the state who live on 'em when the Rockies or Nuggets are winning -- the Taco Bell special is back. Whenever the Rockies hit 7 or more runs, get four tacos for $1 (you have to order a drink too, but we always got the 'small') the next day, from 4-6 p.m. Read about it here.

The special's good whenever the Nuggets score more than 100, too...but you only get 3 tacos for that buck! 

It's dead still outside -- kind of creepy. I may not enjoy all the wind we've been having lately, but I apparently have gotten used to hearing it. Husband and I just looked at each other blearily, and said, "Fine -- let's file an extension." We promised each other to finish up the taxes quickly, regardless.

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