Thursday, April 1, 2010

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

We got home early Monday morning from the teaching gig...but it sure hasn't been quiet. I've had at least one meeting (usually more) every. single. day. Whew. At least it included time spent with both girlies; incidentally, they both got their Easter baskets delivered, with a big sigh of relief from the Mama (who thought I'd sluff off and forget).

Thankfully, tomorrow breaks the pattern. I have a lot to get done...but I can actually do it at home!

Kelly of Almost Frugal has a great post on making something out of nothing. Its basic gist: what can you cook up from your pantry without spending a lot of extra money? I was thinking about this while standing in King Soopers this afternoon, holding a fistful of coupons set to expire tomorrow. Suddenly, though, I realized that several of those coupons applied to freezer meals King Soopers had put on clearance, or on sale...or both! Whoo hoo! The upshot was at least seven or eight meals, as well as bags of frozen veggies, stashed away -- more than enough to give me a break now and then the next few weeks, while clearing away biz stuff and finishing up the manuscript of Hanky Panky with a Flourish. (Some of the quilts are being photographed this week, with another batch scheduled in a bit.) And the most anything cost: a little more than $5 for a full, veggie-filled meal for two. (Most were $3.99 or less.) A chance to work, without worrying about food prep? For right now, that's bliss.

The bad part -- Husband and I picked up some kind of flu bug during my recent gig. It would be nice not to have to deal with this headache (going on and off for the past three days now), the occasional fever, or the fatigue. So far, though, whatever this current floppiness is, I can deal with it in this form. The flu's been spreading through town at an astonishing rate -- my teacher buddy Constance spent a full week at home with it, snuffling, headachy and miserable. So far, whatever it's doing in my body is bearable.

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