Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!

Christ is Risen.

He is Risen, Indeed.

Did you know that Simon of Cyrene, the man who was forced to carry Christ's cross to Golgatha, is traditionally said to have been an egg merchant? And when he got back, his eggs had turned into a rainbow of colors, in honor of the Savior?

And that, friends, is another reason why eggs (a symbol of rebirth and new life) are connected with Easter.

Neither girlie could make it home for dinner -- they both had to work. After Husband did Worship Team duties (I was off) at church, we went to friend Constance's, Easter lily and a basket of blueberry walnut muffins in hand. A nice, relaxing even more relaxing nap...aahhh.

I still missed the girlies...but it couldn't be helped.

Hope your Easter was a meaningful and relaxing one.

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