Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hello, Rachael Kinnison!

I made a new acquaintance today that I'm sure you would like to get to know, too --

Rachael Kinnison of the Lady's Repository Museum in Trinidad, CO. Rachael has just finished an elaborate Baltimore Album that took more than a decade to stitch. (That's how I met her.) But she also has a strong interest in costuming, early fabric history and dollmaking. You can meet her through her blog for her private museum, and get to know her kids (human and animal). She has an ETSY store featuring her "dollys," as well.

Although I've heard of the museum before, I did not connect Rachael's name with it when we first met. I had some beautiful early red blocks just out of the package from Ebay, and Rachael floored me by correctly knowing they were 1840s/early50s fabrics!

Take a look. I'm guessing you'll have made a new friend, as well.

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