Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hodgepodge Higgledy (Piggledy)

Here's a second bunch of interesting-but-I-can't-figure-out-a-link stuff, for your mental hopper:

*An extremely helpful post on copyrights and general use by Morna Golletz, of Professional Quilter fame. In general, the rule is "if it's not yours, it's not ok to copy, unless you get permission." Morna mentions a lecturer who covers this topic beautifully -- then hands out photocopied pages of an article she didn't get permission to use! The major exception to this rule would be items from 1923 or before. Easy to follow, well worth the time.

*Cheap Healthy Good has a practical guide to choosing, clipping and using coupons -- not just in paper form, but automatically loaded on your rewards card.

*Crazy Aunt Purl is sewing on a button, and making it look harder than it is. (See her April 9 post.)

*The Mysterious Ways e-newsletter from Guideposts magazine. This comes once a week, with odd, quirky stories of 'coincidences' and such. I don't believe in New Age channeling -- I do believe in angels. There have been far too many strange circumstances. God makes it clear in the Bible that thinking celestial beings -- good AND bad -- not only exist, but appear periodically in our human dimension. As a Christian, then, I'd be foolish NOT to believe. Anyhoo, you'll find this story of Alice the nurse especially intriguing.

*Top Ten Christmas Stocking Stuffers for the family. Yes, I know it's April. It doesn't hurt to plan ahead. (I can just feel Husband laughing hysterically about this...)

*The same archive as above has  -- for business owners, small and otherwise -- a very helpful Top Ten list for tax deductions, too. Great for planning for this year. Not that I could use any tax tips or help right now...ahem!

*National parks across the country are FREE ADMISSION April 17-25! (This website mentions other free days too, and some special offers.) Rocky Mountain National Park is only a few hours away from us, and the YMCA at Estes Park is running a terrific 'Buy 2, Get a 3rd Night Free' special. Tempting, very tempting.

Yesterday's wind smashed a bird feeder, rolled our garbage cans everywhere, and trashed one of my garden tripods. Even the dogs were looking nervous! Still windy today, but at least it's in more normal bounds. Thankfully. Taxes and appraisals call -- off I go.

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