Friday, April 9, 2010

Old Textiles Worth A Second Look!

Some wonderful old handkerchiefs are up for sale on Ebay right now, including an 1820s 'Quartern Loaf' picture hankie. Once you get done looking at it, click on the seller's "other items," and you'll note several other beauties, including an intriguing 'Who Killed Cock Robin' piece, and several others that feature birds and horses, as well as small boys. (Some collector must have had very specific parameters.) Expensive -- but these old ones tend to be that way now. Sigh.

And don't miss a look at this wholecloth salmon pink 'calimancoe,' dating back to 1786. It's just been cleaned and stabilized -- $10,000 was spent on conservation!

It's warm, sunny...but a chilly wind knifes through every now and then. Try doing anything like the lovey couples below...and you'd freeze your tixer off. Car's in the shop -- another $650 bill, on top of an $850 bill three weeks ago. (Husband came home for lunch, and said they'd replace our windshield AGAIN -- it was cracked within two days of its replacement three weeks ago -- for $100. Add that to the total. Double sigh.)  A good time to stay home, I guess, and keep finishing up some of those 'time debt' issues mentioned in the last few posts.

Have yourself a wonderful weekend.

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