Saturday, April 3, 2010

Quirks of Nature

Husband and his friend Thommy are finally meeting to discuss where they're going for hunting season this year. Daughter #2, who is planning on going with, as well as yours truly, has been fussing at them for weeks to Put Up or Shut Up...and Decide! After all, the deadline is a only a few days away.

I guess I should be grateful they're getting it taken care of. (On the other hand, I have a sneaking suspicion they're also watching a Final Four basketball game while they're 'discussing.') Why, why, why do they have to wait until the nth moment to do it?? These and other life's mysteries keep me puzzled...

In the hunters' honor, here are some other nature-based goodies, courtesy of the Internet:

A mule deer record, taken in Colorado. (I've never seen horns so fuzzy before. Usually the velvet's rubbed off by then.)
Another muley of record proportions...but they can't figure out if it's a deer, an elk...or even a buck!
A world record elk -- IF the authorities accepted that it came from Texas (which isn't supposed to have many elk, and doesn't have a hunting season for them), and IF it wasn't a release from a ranch years ago (looks like it may have been)
    I guess you can see what kind of game licenses Husband and Thommy are gunning for, based on my choices...

On another note, take a close-up gander at an eagle's nest, thanks to Excel. Their live cams are fascinating, including eagles', hawks' and owls' nests! One of the eagle's nests has two nestlings, and a third is expected any day. The eagle cams are only up through May -- you'll want to stop by now and then to see how the kids are doing.

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