Sunday, April 11, 2010

Storage Dilemmas

I woke up early from our traditional Sunday afternoon nap...and started thinking. I need to Do Something About Stuff -- we have way too much. Hmmm. Do I need to buy some bookshelves on Craiglist...would that help? (Or maybe just get rid of some of our piles of books...) Would more boxes help? How about changing one room into a storage room, and just build shelves on every wall?

Obviously, others are thinking about this problem -- because this post about 15 storage ideas under ten bucks showed up on Wise Bread, a good all-purpose site for a wide range of subjects. (Keep reading further down on the post for links to other ideas.)

Or maybe a smaller house, so I'm forced to stop stuffing things in? With a separate building for the business?

Or...keep using the bottom half of our current house for the business, and turn the garage into that studio I've been craving? (It does have beautiful brick walls, and the wooden rafters are aged and quite lovely.) We don't park any of the vehicles in it, and I've been meaning to clean it out, anyways.

Wish I knew what to do.

* * * * *
Here's a quirky article about people who take couponing a tad too far. I've found an easy solution to this temptation:
       *cut the coupons out
       *hang onto them, until you find those items on sale...then REALLY save money
       *what -- those things never went on sale? If they're not items you use regularly now, throw the coupons away.

Problem solved.

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