Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff...Grab It Before It Blows Away!

Pillsbury's announced its latest Bake-Off Finalists! Dishes  range from ice cream cookie cups to fish dishes. And don't they look good -- past years' recipes have included some truly strange combinations, but these look like something Husband and the girlies would actually eat!

Want some gardening friends to keep you company? Dirt Du Jour gives a whole shovelful of bloggers via the Mouse & Trowel Awards. I'd love reading steady blogger who deals with the conditions we put up with here in Colorado -- very little water, blazing sun, shorter growing seasons.

Save money on travel -- airfare, hotels, package trips, whatever! If you haven't signed up for Travelzoo's 'Top 20' list (published every Wednesday), run, don't walk to the site and sign up. Good deals can still be had...not everything may be good for your area, but the listings are well worth reading through. Here's a sample list -- and a chance to sign up.

I thought we'd already had the worst of the winds...ha. A client stopped by this morning, and could barely stand upright on our front porch. All the garbage cans and my tripod trellis (which has survived blizzards and bad weather) are flat on the ground, and a sheet nearly blew out of the yard before I could grab it. We're talking at least 40 mph, and I'm thinking closer to 60 mph. Very scary...especially to someone who grew up in Tornado Land. I keep saying to myself, 'You are fine. You are not going downstairs to the basement.'

If I disappear, look for me there -- curled up in a fetal position and muttering to myself. Crazy wind.

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