Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Buddette One Frugal Girl is talking about things she's automatically drawn to. (Her list includes nice bowls and platters, dangly earrnings and swimsuits.)

I asked Daughter #1, who slept over last night, this question. Her list:
    *graphic tees (not ones with words on them)
    *wool coats with military-type details
    *'destroyed' and "really dark" jeans
    *things for her apartment -- especially pillows and prints for the wall

(When I asked her about the t-shirts -- she'd worn many with captions in high school -- she sighed and gently said, "Mom, my style has changed a lot.")

For me, the list would include:
   *anything on the clearance rack or in the remnant bin
   *imported cookies (I just found an incredible deal on German lebkuchen, the best cookies in the world, for more than half off on Amazon.)
   *antique cups and plates -- matched, mismatched, doesn't matter
   *any home dec items that are larger scale -- oversized clocks, basketry and such
   *old books, postcards, catalogs, magazines
   *weird stuff -- unusual prints, objects, quilts, handkerchiefs, whatever
   *any classic fabric prints that can be used in a wide variety of projects -- or the latest design in a smashing new color or shade

You can see that I'm much more comfortable in a fabric or secondhand shop than a standard retail place.
What does your list include?

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Yvonne said...

Books... almost any kind, but especially 1940 mysteries, old gardening and quilt books, and ANYTHING by George MacDonald (19th century author)

Pretty tea cups

Pretty and gold-rimmed small dessert bowls (I feed my cats with them; the gold-rims requires hand-washing so that they're available the next day instead of moldering in the dishwasher

Since meeting Cindy Brick, old lace handkerchiefs and linens

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