Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Going Away

My zippity census job finished today -- blank forms passed on, EQs turned over, cloth briefcase handed in. (Darn it, I'd hoped to use that 'census bureau' label as a quilt back!) A few extra days' pay would have been nice, but honestly, I was ready for it to go. It's no fun trudging through hallways on a windy evening while your husband is cosily at home, watching the "24" finale. (He taped it for me, the sweetheart.)

Daughter #1 spent the night, and headed back today...the house, without her and dog Jack, seems strangely quiet. I feel restless. How about a trip?

So I traveled off to an island off the East Coast, and met with a woman whose husband is a commercial lobsterman. She's a knitter, and runs a bakery, too. A satisfying break away from the windy weather and to-do list around here. You can visit her at her blog, Maine Island Knits... tell her I said hi.

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