Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm Not Sure What to Think About This...

A blog that, every Friday, features a picture of the food she wasted that week.


It's slightly more disgusting when she talks about it...but then shows a photo of a perfectly good food item -- like salsa. (I kept thinking, "this is spoiled??" Turns out she was just bragging how she didn't waste it.)

Negative reinforcement? (She even encourages fellow bloggers to post their own gross photos.) An unusual way to cut your food urges, and lose weight? The whole thing makes me a tad nauseous. But maybe you'll enjoy it.

Ten interesting things to do with your junk mail...this is much more fun to think about.
* * * * *
Four inches of snow, so far. More on the horizon, in steadily increasing clouds. I have to teach a Hanky Panky class tonight at the Creative Needle in Littleton -- hopefully it will hold off enough for me to get there and back.
    Spent hours last night in the rain and snow, standing on people's doorsteps and asking census questions -- one lady burst into laughter when I asked her if she was male or female. (I have to! I have to!) I have a new theory about all this -- the Pathetic or Sympathy Factor. The worse you look (wet, bedraggled, snowy), the more people are apt to take pity on you, and answer questions. Seems to work for me.
   Dragged myself home to a roaring fire and the company of Husband and Daughter #2...and Jack Bauer. ("24" just seems to get better and better, now it's nearly done.) Snoozed off, feeling warm and comforted. I'm a lucky woman.


Anonymous said...

Don't throw rocks from your glass house. Just sayin...
Her whole point to her picture taking is to not waste food. One way to do this is to take a picture and show the whole world. I find it encouraging and it helps me thing of ways to use up food before it gets wasted.
At least she has a point to her blog. Yours?.....Still trying to figure out that one

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you had read the post you'd see the explanation for why she posts it each week instead of creating a snide post about her post . . .

Anonymous said...

I actually love that Frugal Girl has the chutzpah to post her food waste photos. The point is personal accountability, not the photos themselves.

Cindy Brick said...

Thanks for contributing...I'm guessing you came directly via a link to Frugal Girl. Welcome!

Although she's making a valuable point, I still don't enjoy seeing the photos. (But maybe that's the point too, huh.)

Now, if you all only had the courage to actually use your real monikers when posting...see my post on this:

Come visit anytime. I can take negative comments -- hopefully they're making both of us think a little harder!

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