Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jupiter Does A Little Hanky Panky -- Me Too!

Jupiter's lost a stripe! Compared to last year's photo, its southern equatorial darker band is a goner. This is the not the first time it's happened -- the band temporarily disappeared in the seventies...but where in the world did it go? (Some say it's just being covered up by lighter clouds. Who knows.)

Four inches of snow on the ground this morning. Gray clouds all day. Rain, and now more snow tonight. Where in the world is that spring that was promised?

Fortunately, it was warm and cheerful in Hanky Panky class tonight. What a pleasure to see five beautiful quilts blossom in just a few hours. Donna and Lucille, Jeanne, Sheryl and Nancy -- you did a great job.

Thursday morning update: Another couple inches or so. Clouds say more is coming. Soon. Will this insanity never end?!?

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