Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Musings

Alas, it looks like my days as census enumerator are numbered. Only 8 EQs to go, and I've visited those at least twice. This census business is an odd one -- I still haven't gotten used to asking total strangers if they're male or female! (What if they say "Other?") You feel so grateful when they open the door -- it's just a few minutes talking, but makes all the difference in the world when the info's captured and the EQ ("enumerator questionnaire") is finished and on its way.

    Add our 40 mph winds to the mix, and here's what you've got:
Cindy, knocking at the door: (id badge banging her in the chest and throat) Hi there, I'm finishing up census in your area...can I ask you a few questions?
Person (looking confused): uh, sure...
Cindy (trying desperately not to strangle on the hair whipping around her face): Great! Here we go...

   Imagine trying to write on a flapping questionnaire, and look suave while you're doing it! Eventually we finish, and off I go -- census briefcase acting as a makeshift sail as I blow over to the next apartment door.
   I'd say 'so much for dignity,' but ah well! Never was sophisticated, to begin with.

* * * * * * *
Frugal Girl (she of the interesting "food waste of the week" posts) has a riff on one of Kleenex's newest products: throwaway bathroom towels. So let's see...we're supposed to use these because they're sanitary (our nasty old cloth towels are not, even if they're freshly washed, accd to the marketing blurb), anti-bacterial and can be thrown away!
    Isn't it considered 'green' not to keep using paper products that clog up more landfills? And what are the odds that overusing anti-bacterial products just make us more immune to their effects? (Kind of like what's happening to antibiotics...our girls practically lived on amoxycillin as kids.)
   We won't even talk about price for something you're just going to keep restocking.

I'm getting increasingly suspicious whenever a company starts trumpeting about how they're 'helping us/and or the environment out' by introducing a new product. What's in it for them? Think I prefer the straightforward approach: Tastes great and is good for you. Cleans well without harsh chemicals. Clear, to the point, and no nonsense. And no blathering about being "green!"

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