Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Reusing (Or Re-Gifting) A Gift Card

One Frugal Girl, bless her little heart, is debating this because she received a rather beat-up gift card as a present. She wonders whether this is tacky.

I'd say -- why not? Am I going to throw away dollar bills because they're a little wrinkly, instead of crisp and new? Also, we sometimes get gift cards from well-meaning relatives to their favorite restaurants...which may or may not be in our area. (They forget that what's big in Michigan may not be that easy to find out here in Colorado.) Would I be a clod to send that card on to another person who DOES have that restaurant close by?

Of course not. 

Although MSN Money points out the cheesiness of gifting a card you've been using -- an uneven balanace (like $14.56, from an originally-$20 card) is a dead giveaway.

Target frequently offers gift cards as part of their promotions, and we snag those gift cards for graduation presents. (We've had a ton of kids to buy for this year.) I often include books as part of the package -- books of a type I wish someone had thought to give me so many years ago. This year's grads have received The Millionaire Next Door, one of the most practical financial books ever, or one of Suze Orman's books -- I got the most out of The Courage to Be Rich. These titles are going for really reasonable prices on Amazon. Get one for your favorite grad, tuck in a gift card, and you're not only giving them a fish -- you're helping them learn how to do it for a lifetime.

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