Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Saving Money -- Saving on Food

Being a tad too plump myself (I'm working on it -- honest!), I rather enjoy blogs like this one, wherein the writer is living on peanuts for food costs. Actually, she's currently at $100 a month, which probably seems like incredible luxury after she spent a month at $1 a day.

How does she do it? No readymade dishes -- pretty much everything from scratch. Lots of beans and tortillas. (Our Mexican neighbors do this incredibly well.) Fresh fruit and vegetables -- but only if on sale. And an expert's approach to coupons. (She gets a ton of things free -- or almost.) Read the overview article first, before you jump into the blog.

Here's another approach to the $1 a day plan: two schoolteachers who did it for quite some time. (It helped a lot that they were vegetarians.) Here's E-How's take on the subject.

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It has finally reverted back to spring around here...complete with more hail, tornadoes and thunderstorms. Ah well -- you can't have everything. At least the tomatoes can go in the ground with a modium of success!

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