Thursday, May 20, 2010

Things I wish I Didn't Know

More items from the "Say It Ain't So, Joe" Department:  

More paintings have been stolen, this time from the Paris Museum of Modern Art. (The security system just 'happened' to be disabled that night, and three -- count 'em, 3! -- guards never noticed a thing. Hmmm.) Well, at least police recovered most of the paintings stolen in Argentina last November.

Floyd Landis, American cyclist, has finally admitted to doping. But he says others, including Lance Armstrong and Armstrong's longtime coach, were involved, too.


Okay, here's one article you will enjoy -- a look at how designers are using scanning and inkjet printers to make amazing fabric prints. (Don't miss the slide show, either.) Wow! Let's see more digital printing in quilting cottons, and I'll be thrilled! 

(thanks to the Wall Street Journal for these tidbits)

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