Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Working, Working

Now that the Denver Quilt Festival is done, I should be putting stuff away, lounging about and working on the next deadline...right? Naahh. I've spent the past two days in a stuffy classroom, doodling quilt patterns, joking around with my tablemates...and learning how to be an enumerator. It's not Ahnold's copycat -- I'm learning how to be a census rep for NRFU--non-response followup. (It's also called "how to pay for an unexpected $1800 auto repair bill.")

And of course, it's been the most heartbreaking, achingly beautiful set of spring days we've had for a long while. I spent part of lunch hour dozing in the sunshine and soaking it in. Another day of training, then I can be outside in it while I'm working.

This is often when things slow down a bit at the Brickworks offices. Orders and work still go on, but it's quieter. My staffers take a lot of time off, since the boss can generally keep things going.

It also means that I can spend some time outside, and doodling around on various projects. The lazy days digging in the garden will come...I just need to do this for a while, too.

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