Thursday, June 3, 2010

Columbian Exposition Quilt!

Every once in a while, a Really Unusual quilt comes along on Ebay --

take a minute to look at this Chicago 1893 World's Fair piece. Different inventors, plus the perennial favorite, the Father of our Country (George, of course!) are featured through, plus scenes from the fair. Early American Auctions, the seller, is positing that it was a one of a kind piece:

"This whole designed  [sic] is labeled, "Souvenir World's Columbian Exposition Chicago 1893." Hidden in the design near Stephenson's portrait is an advertisement for "Cochrane's Turkey Red Works, Malden, Mass." Founded by Alexander Cochrane in the late 1850's, the Cochrane Chemical Works (also known as the Malden Chemical Company) produced Turkey Red dye for textiles. This quilt must have been made for the Cochrane company, which, likely had an exhibit at the Fair, as there is another quilt with a different Columbian Exposition design, which was also made for Cochrane..."
    They could be right-- in nearly three decades of studying quilts, I've not seen one like it. And I own a Columbian Exposition printed fabric quilt myself -- or does it own me?

Of course, the price reflects that scarcity...a rare piece. Go take a look.

(thanks for EAU for the photos)

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