Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hot. Hot. Hot. And Windy.

How did we go straight from cool spring nicey temps to this?? 80s. Shoot, 90s...and all with a very humid feel, in spite of little or no rain. The high winds show up for at least part of the day, knocking over flowerpots and sending any clothes on the line straight to Kansas. No long-time cooking, and the freezer suddenly holds more ice cream and fruit bars. Hot...

Thankfully, I just have a few quilt jobs to finish up, plus a Hanky Panky small piece for a client. Working on a book, too. Life goes on.

At least there will be green beans and fresh tomatoes sometime in the near future.

This girl is having issues with the weather, too... but that's not why you should read her blog. She's trying to survive on $365 in food costs -- for the year! Sometimes she slips up.  She eats a lot of vegetarian food, too. But there are some good ideas here.

I'm so glad it cools off a bit, when the sun goes down. Everything feels hot to the touch. Including me.

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