Thursday, June 3, 2010

Maintaining...and a Little Hanky Panky!

Hard lesson yesterday -- turn the calendar page by June 1, or face the consequences! A new batch of piano/voice students was supposed to start yesterday...but because I am a doofus, and waited until late last night on the 2nd to check the calendar...well, let's just say they have to wait for another week now.

The garden is slowly getting weeded and planted. House stuff is slowly catching up. Nothing exciting happening around here, but at least I'm doing my job. This is a slow time for office work, so the staffers are off putzing around in their gardens, or on vacation. I honestly don't mind the quiet, though -- this spring, life was way too frenetic. It's nice to have a little peace.

If you're interested in an afternoon session of Hanky Panky (smirk), there are a few spaces left in my class at the Creative Needle in Littleton them asap. Class goes from 12:30 - 3 p.m., and gives you the basics of the Hanky Panky technique, plus a pile of freebies. Only $25.

Back to work. Hope your day's going well.

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