Friday, June 18, 2010

Making Progress...Yay!

One more quilt off the restoration list. Two appraisals done, two more written, two updates done...just a few more to do, and I'm caught up. Just in time to leave for Michigan on vacation next week!

This is a tough one. We've been planning for months to go to Michigan. (My family, including Little Brother and Mom, plus a boatload of uncles, aunts and cousins -- about 160-plus -- live in the Grand Rapids/Sparta area.) We were planning on driving there -- Husband (who has been antsy as all getout to hit the road) and yourself truly.
   Now, because of a VIP project he's involved in at work, Husband is pretty sure he can't go.
   What to do?
   Obviously, if I'd known this would happen, I would have bought a plane ticket -- it will cost about that amount to drive. (I was thinking that if two of us went, it would save -- if the girlies went too, it would save even more. Big help now.) I can still buy a ticket, of course -- but it will be much bigger bucks. I do the 18-plus hours myself? I could. Do I stay home? I would...but now Mom has a project I need to help with week after next. (Put steel siding on the toolshed.)

I hate to leave without Husband...we get to travel together so rarely, and he was really looking forward to this. But there's no choice.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Uncle Dean, another writer, is in the news! (Fine, I'll be formal -- Dean Cumings, M.A., counselor, log house builder and grandpa to umpteen grandchildren.)  Take a look at his profile -- and newest book, Ellie: A Pioneer Girl's Journey West. (He's currently working on the sequel. You go, Uncle Dean.) Here's his website, as well, if you'd like to learn more.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
And if you want to go see a movie that actually makes you think -- try Russell Crowe's take on Robin Hood. This is a totally different Robin than the others...and a much more realistic one. We've done more talking about this movie -- and studied up on Richard the Lionheart (who isn't the Good Guy in this version that he's portrayed as in others) and Prince/King John. (Ok, he's still a scumbag.) The movie hasn't had a huge amount of publicity about it lately -- I'm not sure why. Maybe it makes you think too much?? Run, don't walk, to the movie theater before it goes into video -- all those zipping arrows and armoured fights deserve to be seen in large screen form.

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