Thursday, June 3, 2010

Something New in the Animal Kingdom

From the "You Don't See This Very Often" department:

The only second-generation grizzly/polar bear hybrid found so far, bagged by an Inuit hunter. (Who's accompanied by his hunting partner -- his wife!)

Grizzly/polar bear hybrids or other bear hybrids are  more common than you would think...although they're observed far more in zoos than the wild. As for the grizzly/polar mix, the first one was confirmed in the wild in 2006.
    DNA tests say the 2010 bear is the product of  a grizzly/polar mother and a grizzly father. I'm not going to moan about its killing -- the man is a professional hunter, and he won't waste the skin or meat. My bet is that they've been out there before; this one was just discovered first.

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