Friday, July 30, 2010

A New Blog for Your Delectation!

Ah, Friday...but with the promise of more work ahead. Only a few days until we leave for New York City, and I need to make the minutes count.

One blogger you need to add to your list: Donna Freedman, the frugalista of the MSN Money network. Donna graduated recently from college, after a middle-class life and divorce. She survived on an income that most people would have dismissed as impossible -- no more than $12,000 a year, if that. Yet she did it, so far as I know, without student aid, and without the "I deserve being treated special" attitude so prevalent right now for people going through hard times.

She comes from frugal stock, which helps. But she has some great ideas of her own, including a thorough acquaintance with beans, and a nagging thought in the back of her mind that she may end up a bag lady someday. (I can relate to both.)

I've learned a lot from this gutsy lady; you will, too. Her new blog is Surviving and Thriving -- visit it soon.


Donna Freedman said...

Hi Cindy,
Thanks for featuring my site! Just to let you know, though, I *did* get student aid: Some Pell, some Washington state, a community college scholarship, a one-time Mensa scholarship and the big enchilada, a three-year tuition package from a private scholarship foundation.
All this plus work-study meant I graduated debt-free. Whew. The only thing I'd go into debt for in my early 50s would be something I can *live* in.
Again, thanks for the mention.

Cindy Brick said...

I know you did, Donna -- but you applied for it, and you earned it by keeping up your grades. I've really enjoyed following your life via MSN, and am looking forward to hearing more from you!
Thanks for writing.

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