Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On with the Show

I spent a lovely day with Daughter #2 up in Nederland, a little mountain town. We looked at her garden, went out to lunch, went mushrooming (a first for me!) and fishing. Just missed the latest storm, though Daughter #1 was caught in it further over on the Front Range. She's been finishing up her backpacking trip solo -- her friend had back trouble and was forced to come back down.

More on some of those subjects when I can draw a deep breath. In the meantime, take a look at these photos -- a whale who jumps, and lands on the deck of the boat that's watching him! (Score one for the whale, who swam away largely unharmed. As for the boat, that was a different story.)
    Also, an odd, but strangely intriguing overview of human mermaids. Including this amputee, who is using a mermaid tail to swim much more effortlessly.

Headed to bed -- can't keep my eyes open. More soon.

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