Friday, July 23, 2010

Still Hot

...and muggy.

We've had some incredible thunderstorms, which drive the dogs right under our legs. ("You'll save me from the scary thunder...right, Mom??")

I was more concerned about this because of Daughter #1, who's been backpacking all week. Picked her up yesterday, and we soaked in the hot springs....aahhh. Got home last night, feeling like a limp noodle. In general, Daughter's week out in the boonies went well, in spite of rain and a visit one night by a Large Scary Animal. ("Was it Bigfoot?" I asked. She looked at me scornfully.)

Remember the whale who landed on the sailboat? (See the previous post.) Well, it's no fake -- a tourist actually got video of the incident. Wow!

This is interesting, too -- a kid who started trading on Craigslist with a used cellphone -- and ended up with a Porsche.

Appraisals await...I'm finally starting to clear away some of the stuff on my platter. Just in time to leave for New York!

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