Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff

From the "This Must Prove Something (But I'm Not Sure What)" Department:

Swedish Feminists barbecue approx. $13,000 in cash -- to prove that women earn less than men. According to the article, it was 'ok' to waste the money, because it had been donated by two men for just that purpose.
Tell that to the local charities.

A New York judge rules that a divorcing (and feuding) couple put up a dividing wall in their home, until proceedings can finish. (According to the plan, Wife and five children would have 700 sq feet more of living space than Dad. Whoopee.) According to Wife's lawyer, they'd been living as if they had a wall between for the past two years...so why not.

A woman puts her neighbor's trailer (loaded with furniture) up as a freebie on Craiglist. (She said she was sick of looking at it -- 'just pull it away,' she offered. Without the neighbor's permission, I might add.) After the whole thing unraveled, the woman went to jail -- and the trailer was returned, but damaged.
   Hey -- I know of some neighborhood yipey dogs that might be -- oh, never mind. 

Beaker's version of Beethoven's Ode to Joy. (Ranks right up there with Gonzo and friends' rendition of the Blue Danube Waltz!)

Princess Diana's hair is now available as jam. $7.50 a jar. (Try reading that without gagging.)

A truck overturns in Rome -- and 2.5 million in euro coins scatters across the highway, causing a massive scoop-up. (One motorist called it "the miracle of the coins.")

And last but not least -- the Israel soldiers on patrol who break into dance.  (Thanks, Angel, for passing this on!)

Ah well. Back to work...

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