Monday, July 26, 2010


Lordy, it's hot here. We trudge through the day with a film of sweat all over. Smoothies and hot fudge sundaes do a soft shoe through my reverie, like those dancing hot dogs on the movie commercials. Buck the dog finds a spot by the loudest fan, and hunkers down for the afternoon.

And wouldn't you know it -- this is the week I've got a ton of appraisals to finish up. Which means hauling quilts around, piling them, letting their warmth and weight flow all around me. (sigh)
   Ah well. At least I can enjoy their beauty -- and try really hard not to drip moisture on them.

Daughters and I head to New York City next week for the annual meeting of the PAAQT appraisers. (You can find out more about them here. An excellent group to learn more about your textiles.) We'll be there from Aug. 4-10; our hotel (and the conference) is in the garment district, but we plan to wander all around.
    Any suggestions on great food and places to go? I heard about Yorkology, which has some interesting ideas. Maybe even a Letterman show taping,  -- who knows.

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