Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Want to Save Money the Groupon Way?

Well. I was supposed to do an appraisal this morning, but Ye Olde Client apparently has flaked out. It's ok...I've got lots of stuff to do --

But I'm thinking about SCUBA LESSONS!!! Found an introductory class for Husband and me for only $10, thanks to Groupon, a site that offers a daily special that's usually a steal. It's not just for the Denver, CO area, either -- lots of bigger cities have Groupon-selective deals. I've gotten everything from half-price plants to a half-price dining card at one of the best burger joints in town. They've also offered half (or less) priced manicures, river rafting trips, comedy shows -- about anything you could guess. The companies like the extra publicity and customers, and we get the buys!
    Go here to sign up (or at least check out the place) -- and you'd give me a little extra bonus credit, too. (For which I thank you.)

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