Thursday, July 29, 2010

The World's Smallest Church

...and it seats how many? Just two!

 (photo from the Time magazine article)

See it here, along with 49 more roadside attractions around the country.  (And a whole batch more, in case you're curious. I'm still not clear why you'd build 'em so tiny...)

Another missing-ship mystery solved: The Investigator and her crew were one of the expeditions sent out to search for the Franklin Expedition. (The latter were never found (alive, that is, though skeletons, artifacts and messages were discovered years later.) The ship got stuck in the ice in Mercy Bay (Canada's Western Arctic) and the crew were forced to abandon it after some months. Fortunately, the men were rescued. The ship was not.
    Now the Investigator has been found, still sitting upright on the ocean floor of Mercy Bay.

Oh yeah, and Winston Churchill's dentures sold for more than $23,000.

How do these go together? Beats me...I'm in a strange mood today.

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