Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Mailbag

One nice thing about Monday mornings is Trent's 'Reader Mailbag' at The Simple Dollar. Here's the current batch of questions asked (and answered). But even if you don't find something helpful in this batch -- you will next week.

The weekly Festival of Frugality is interesting and helpful, too -- this version comes via Frugal Upstate.

Oh, and I am dying to add new numbers to our fuschia front door, just like Holly's here. (Maybe when I get back.)

We're hip-deep in fabrics and embellishments, finishing up on Crazy kits for tomorrow. They (and I) head out to Los Alamos, NM tomorrow morning. Would have left this afternoon, but we have a rather blowy in-and-out storm to deal with today. Better to stay home, and get an early start.

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