Sunday, October 24, 2010

October...What October?

Got home (again) late last night. I am so grateful to snuggle up again by Husband's warm back. To just hang out, watch "Ice Road Truckers" (the 'Deadliest Roads' Indian version - yowza!), eat The Mama's doughnuts (which she and I cooked Thursday morning), Husband reading the Sunday paper.
I leave again tomorrow -- this time to teach in Los Alamos, NM. Back Thursday night, after a pitstop in Grand Junction. I'll try and check in on the way.
     Until then, take a gander at this post on J.D.'s Get Rich Slowly: it talks about the merits of long-term thinking. That's one approach that's kept me going through this long month of traveling -- if I just stay patient and knock things off the to-do list one at a time, I can get through it. This income is needed to start to meet the expenses from Husband's Labor Day time in the hospital. I need to keep going.
     Talk to you soon.

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