Friday, October 15, 2010

Off to the Races Again Soon

My coughing and thrashing last night didn't help anyone else in the bed -- including me -- sleep. A student in the Crazy class had a cough and bleary eyes...apparently she passed on an extra bonus. Which I am about to take with me tomorrow to Michigan. I'd scheduled a week there with the Mama, as well as a few days with Brother and Sister, before the teaching cruise ever surfaced.
    Ah well. Brother says the fall leaves are still out and shouting their colors. That's one thing I miss about Michigan -- their heartbreaking symphony of red and orange. We get a very pretty gold out here in Colorado, but the rest of our colorings are more subdued.

   Clever Dude, bless his heart, passed on a batch of frugal tips learned from Secrets of A Stingy Scoundrel, or a book better titled as "It's Okay to Cheat, Lie, Take More Than Your Share and Be Obnoxious...As Long As You're Saving Money Doing It." Examples: take enough ketchup packets at the fast food place to replenish your bottle at home. (I smiled to myself, because one of the Uncles will clear off a table of sugar packets, etc., on this same theory. Grabby, but effective. I'll take a few for my food, but if I don't use them and they start to pile up at home, I will squeeze the extra into salsa, ketchup bottles, etc.)
   Example #2: Break up with someone just before a holiday, so you don't have to buy them a present. (I assume not buying for an elderly aunt, on the theory she's going to kick off soon, flies under the same radar. Unless you hope to inherit something from her, of course.)
   Some interesting stuff here -- but I don't plan to save money by selling my soul. It almost sounds like that wouldn't be a problem for the Stingy Scoundrel -- as long as he gets enough cash for it.

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