Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another Look at Self-Worth

Here's some great advice for all of you navel-examiners out there, courtesy of George M. Cohan.

The writer of "Yankee Doodle Boy" really was born on the Fourth of July. (According to his parents and himself, that is -- and his dad was known as a "pillar of rectitude," according to Cohan's biographer. Cohan's birth certificate registered a July 3rd date -- probably a clerical error, according to said biographer.) If you're curious for more about this talented, bossy, generous man, look for George M. Cohan: the Man Who Owned Broadway by John McCabe.

Anyhow, here it is, from Cohan's play The Return of the Vagabond:

I'm the best pal that I ever had,
I like to be with me;
I like to sit and tell myself
Things confidentially.

I often sit and ask me
   If I shouldn't or if I should
And I find that my advice to me 
   Is always pretty good.

I never got acquainted with
   Myself til here of late;
And I find myself a bully chum,
    I treat me simply great.

I talk with me and walk with me
    And show me right and wrong;
I never knew how well myself
    And I could get along.

Just get together with yourself
   And trust yourself with you;
And you'll be surprised how well yourself
   Will like you if you do.

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