Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Charley and Me

...Charles Dickens, that is.

   I'm rather fond of this old boy. I did my Master's paper on his work, and try to read at least a few books by him or about him throughout the year. Scrolling through his museum website (the Charles Dickens Museum in London), I came on a very appealing invitation -- if you visit the museum during the holidays, you'll not only get the usual tour, but a glass of mulled wine (after Dickens' own recipe -- he was a big one for this), mince pie or Christmas cake, and a gift pack! Wow. The invite's here -- I wish I could come up with a good reason for the sudden need to fly to England.

Also -- for those of you who are also fond of Dickens tidbits, Robert Seymour's gravestone has been found and refurbished. (Seymour was the first illustrator -- and some say originator -- of the Pickwick Papers, but committed suicide in a fit of despair after he felt his idea was stolen. Blamed Dickens for it, too.)

And Gad's Hill Place, Dickens' beloved home through his death, will change from a private children's school to a Visitors Centre in 2012. Whoa...maybe I should start saving!

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