Monday, November 29, 2010

Making Money for Christmas

Surely you've noticed the Swagbucks 'swidget' on the right of my column. It's been one of my best secret ways to earn gift money for birthdays and the holidays.
   I don't do anything fancy, either, to earn it. I just do the searches I would normally do. I respond to a short survey now and then (5 min. tops), and do a Swagbucks poll (even shorter). That generally earns me 450 points twice a month -- and 450 points is a five-dollar Amazon gift card! I've earned 17 of them so far, this year. That makes a total of $85 for doing little normal than my normal routine. (And note: I haven't had any trouble with weird cookies, viruses or anything like that. Swagbucks is extremely respectful about that issue.)

You can do this, too. Just click on the 'swidget' to get started. (And you'll give me an extra bonus for doing it -- thanks if you do.) It won't be long before your first gift card -- or other item -- is a done deal.

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