Friday, November 5, 2010

Wedding Bells and Random Thoughts

Our good friends' daughter, a girlie we have watched grow up from a scabby-kneed kid into a beautiful, sophisticated woman, is getting married tomorrow. Caryl May and James (an engineer we've also grown to know -- and love) are having a big reception afterwards, in a building that will only hold 200 people. (The building supervisor said they're going to have someone there to check. And count. Which is driving our friends unnecessarily crazy, worrying about whether they get too many people, and having to "uninvite" others. Note to self: when Daughters marry, make sure we're in a location that will hold more people than we want to ask, just in case.)
   Had the usual Friday morning coffee with Chris (the mom) and her sisters -- and she just looked dazed. So many things to check on. So many people to provide for. Poor girl...but tomorrow will be fun!

   This makes life especially interesting for the Brick household as well. Joy, Joanie and Janet, our cousins, are driving through town, on their way to moving Janet from Oregon to Michigan. They're planning on stopping here for a day, and are supposed to be coming in -- Hold your breath, drumroll, yes, you guessed it -- tomorrow night, right during the wedding and reception!! TA DA. So far, they're running a bit late. I am really hoping they come in about 10 p.m. or so -- which would let me stay and enjoy the festivities, as well as Dave and the girls. But who knows.
   Why is it that when you have something wonderful happening in your life, something else wonderful has to happen at the same time?? I love Joanie dearly -- she is a year older, we grew up together, my middle name is actually named for her -- and she has never been here, in the 26-plus years we've lived in Colorado. (Joy has stopped by...but Janet hasn't been here, either.) I want to show these cousins a great time. Why did Janet move on the same weekend Daisy Maisy and James are getting married???

While I'm dithering and cleaning, here are a few sites you'll find intriguing:

*A place to print your own fabric! Imagine that: your favorite style, colors, whatever -- all for about $18 a yard. Not much more than buying fabric at the quilt shop anymore. I plan to visit Spoonflower again -- and do some stuff for Brickworks.

*A lady who's going through a rough patch -- coming up hundreds of dollars short each month, and doesn't know how to fix it, other than stiffing her mother. (And mom has helped her out considerably in the past.) Don't miss out on the comments here -- great suggestions, but also some verbal fistfights between correspondents. Kind of fun to watch. (Thanks, Simple Dollar, for the entertainment.)

*Do you complain when you get bad service? One Frugal Girl tussles away at this idea...I'd say, of course. You're spending good money for it -- why not? But I am not one to make a fuss during the actual experience...I write letters afterward. Seems to have more impact.

*For those of you who enjoy Undercover Boss, a look at 11 CEOs who started at the bottom and worked their way up.

*One of the funniest commercials I've seen lately -- Conan O'Brien washing his desk, in prep for his new show on TBS. And finally...

*Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt admit to blowing through $10 million. Now they're broke, facing bankruptcy and a $2 million tax bill. Poor babies.

The Mama called -- it's snowing in Michigan! And our forecast is for 70s tomorrow...have a good weekend yourself.

                         Congratulations, Daisy and James! We love you.

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