Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Restless Tuesday

Brin over at Messy Thrilling Life is drying corn. At least that's something productive -- I've been trying to force myself to keep my mind on work, and stop wandering all over the internet. A Get Rich Slowly reader has interesting (and inexpensive) gift ideas. Prince William is getting married. (Girls everywhere start sobbing on cue, here.) He's also going to be the patron for a centennial reenactment of Scott's race against Amundsen to the South Pole. (Just so it doesn't end the way the original did!)
      There's a new copy of the Declaration of Independence out for sale. (The last one went for $625,000. A mere stocking stuffer...)
    And this insanely cool 1840s-or-so 'Aviary handkerchief from Ebay:

The price was right -- less than $35!
We're having cold and BLOWY temperatures...the greenhouse blew over Sunday. I unzipped the plastic (thank God it wasn't glass) and Husband re-propped it. Fortunately, only one little flat of baby greens tipped over. I carefully picked the seedlings up and poked them back in the soil, then re-placed everything else.
    Yesterday, it threatened to tip over again. (You would too in 45 mph or so winds!) Today, it's rocking with every gust. But so far, still upright.
    And that's me too, hopefully -- once I get some work done.

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