Monday, November 8, 2010


Wow, what a weekend.

   We had a great time at Caryl May and James' wedding home about 9:30 p.m., just in time to do some quick vaccumming and greet Joanie, Joy and Janet, who arrived about 11:00. They finally went to bed, but Daughters, who were both in a feisty mood, wanted to stay up and blab.
   That meant going to Worship Team practice (and dropping one daughter off at the lightrail) on just a few hours' sleep. And having the cousins here meant another trip around, and no Sunday nap. Even more sleep lost.


   The J's leave early this morning, on their way to Michigan. I had planned to get up early anyways, to make them breakfast, but couldn't sleep -- even when I finally had the opportunity. The time change? Or maybe the culprit was some difficult things to consider, including some business decisions on product. I finally got up at 3:30 a.m., and started plowing through those. The worst are done, and I feel better. Now on to breakfast.

Things I Have Learned (Once Again) Through this Weekend:
*Stop worrying about Stuff That Might Happen. It doesn't change anything. You're not better prepared, either, unless you plan, instead of obsessing. Besides, whatever you dreaded doesn't even happen part of the time.
*Poor decisions don't change, whether you make them now -- or try to fudge, put it off and make them later.
*Listen to your gut. If a little voice is speaking that this is not the right fit, or there's a problem brewing, listen to it. Less heartache in the long run. Every single time that I've ignored this little voice, I've regretted it.
*Spend time with the ones you love. Even if it means lost sleep.

Now that, I won't regret. Ever.

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