Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The sun was shining this morning...and still doing its stuff when I drove into Denver to do some appraisals. By 1:30 p.m., the world was pearl gray, with heavy spatters of rain. That turned into hail. Back into rain. And by the time I hit Dead Man's Curve on the way home (it really is called that), it was flappy globs of snow that stuck to everything, including the highway signs. As of tonight, there are at least 6 or 7 inches of snow sticking to everything, tree branches included...and yet it feels curiously warm outside. We're getting more low temps the rest of the week, though. I just hope the plastic-walled greenhouse Husband set up for me on the patio will make it. It's resting on a concrete foundation -- maybe that will help keep it warm. Maybe I should put some jugs of water in there, to help absorb and release heat at night. Any ideas?

Speaking of, here's a terrific way to turn your favorite magazine photos into stationery, courtesy of Messy Thrilling Life. (I'd read about this in the Tightwad Gazette, too -- have just got to try it.)

And don't miss the sad tale of 4,500 passengers and crew stuck on a Carnival cruise to the Mexican Riviera, that are basically going nowhere, thanks to an engine room fire. No hot water. No air conditioning. (They don't seem to need the latter -- it's only 65 degrees out.) Eating canned crabmeat and Spam. Oh boy!

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