Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Baking

Hmmm...shouldn't I be whipping up sugar cookies or something?
    Maybe take a page from the Swedish Chef, and do up some popcorn shrimp...or doughnuts.

We always have seven fish dishes on Christmas Eve -- have been working up that list. And starting to plan for Christmas dinner, as well.
   Or maybe I should go haul the boxes of decorations up from the basement.

Maybe I'm starting to get into the Christmas spirit.


morlikmartha said...

sounds like the Christmas spirit has hit you hard

morlikmartha said...

may i ask why seven fish dishes on Christmas eve

Cindy Brick said...

Well, it crept up on me! Being out of the country kind of let that happen...the Panamanians were so busy celebrating Mother's Day (on Dec. 8) that they hadn't really thrown themselves into Christmas yet.
Maybe they don't go whole hog on that holiday...maybe they do. We certainly were seeing more decorations (and Christmas tree lots!) by the time we left the country on the 12th.
Here's my explanation of the fish dishes:

And thanks so much for writing.

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