Friday, December 3, 2010

Panama City...and It's Raining

But beautiful! We're just at the start of the rainy season here, and the green just glows against the soft gray skies.

We flew into Panama City yesterday. The hotel, though small, is quite comfortable and has a lovely view of a palm-filled backyard out our window. The bed (and armoire) nearly fill the room -- only a few steps to the wall in three directions! But everything is very clean and comfortable.
    I woke up this morning with my back in a twist -- all that riding in airplanes and staying in one position a lot. But it's better now...after a breakfast of cold cuts (is that what Panamanians have...or is this for the Europeans who come here?), fruit (watermelon and mango) and cereal. We'll head out shortly for the countryside, and stay out there. We especially plan to go to Boquete, which is heavy in strawberry and coffee 'plantations.'

Hope your week is going well.

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